Event Management

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That’s the fee for event coordinator. Event coordinator is there to oversee everything and supervise the working of every personnel present on the day of event. You might not be aware of this but on the day of event there are various vendors and service providers involved; instead of you taking the pain to coordinate their functionality our coordinator ensures that everything is running smoothly and as planned and all the staff is working efficiently. Besides this, the event coordinator would help you to plan your event and get in touch with the right vendors. The event coordinator would try to help you with all aspects of your event. The event coordinator your assistant and help you to have a stress free event. Please note that event coordinator cannot be considered an event planner in full capacity. There is a distinction between an event coordinator and event planner; you can always hire Eden Gardens’ event coordinator as an event planner too.

Risk adjustment is one of three methods built into the 2010 health-care law to help insulate insurance companies from the ACA requirement that they accept all customers for the first time — healthy and sick — without charging more to those who need substantial care.

The other two methods were temporary, but risk adjustment is permanent. Federal health officials are required each year to calculate which insurers with relatively low-cost consumers must chip in to a fund, and which ones with more expensive customers are owed money. This idea of pooling risk has had significant practical effects: encouraging insurers to participate in the insurance marketplaces the ACA created for Americans who cannot get affordable health benefits through a job.


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Yes, we do!


We accept all major credit cards such Visa, MasterCard, American Express.

We process the credit card payments through Intuit GoPayment. You can pay us over the phone, in person, or online.

For invoices, you can also pay us through QuickBooks online payment system or PayPal which lets you pay with a credit card or direct bank transfer.

Please note that for each credit card transaction, there is a processing fee. We can incur one time processing fee but if you are going to do partial payments then you will be charged the processing fees for all payments after the first one.

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